Thera-Clean Micro Bubble Baths

Thera-Clean Micro Bubble Baths

How Do Micro Bubbles Work?

Micro bubble baths for pets work by creating tiny, oxygen-rich bubbles that are much smaller than the human eye can detect. These minuscule bubbles penetrate deep into your pet's fur and skin, effectively lifting away dirt, debris, and excess oils, while also promoting blood circulation and skin health. This gentle and thorough cleansing process not only leaves your furry friend feeling refreshed and revitalized but can also be particularly beneficial for pets with skin conditions or allergies. Micro bubble baths are a luxurious and soothing way to pamper your pet, providing them with a spa-like experience in the comfort of their own home.

How a Thera-Clean Bath Can Help Your Pet

Deep Natural Clean

It doesn't get more all-natural than just water and nothing can clean deeper.

Reduces Odor

Most bad odors that come from pet are signs of skin issues deep down within the pores & hair follicles. A Thera-Clean bath now makes it possible to clean out all the irritants that cause bad odor,

Reduces Itching & Scratching

Constant itching and biting can lead to increased problems.
With clean and healthier skin, the itching and biting diminishes and so does the risk of secondary infections.

Reduces Shedding

The cleaner the skin and hair, the healthier it is. Healthy hair is stronger hari, in turn, holding onto the skin that much longer. It's a cycle that all starts with the skin.

Environmentally Friendly

The future of our environment is extremely important. A Thera-Clean bath uses no chemicals what-so ever. Only a plant and mineral based enzyme is used to assist the billions of micro bubbles lift the debris up from your pets skin and pores.

Reduces Stress & Anxiety

Daily stress and anxiety for a pet can be harmful. A Thera-Clean bath relaxes both dogs and cats to a level similar to deep tissue massage as the micro bubbles clean their bodies.

Completely Hypo-Allergenic

It is impossible to have an allergic reaction to a Thera-Clean bath. Why? Because it's just water.

No Additional Skin Irritation

The Thera-Clean bath does not require direct contact with already sensitive skin (aside from warm bubble infused water). There are no detergents or chemicles involved and no risk of additional reactions.

Improvces Therapeutic Results

Whether its medicated shampoo or a prescription from a veterinarian, the Thera-Clean bath cleans and clears the pores dramatically. It helps prepare your pet to respond more effectively to other protocols and enhances the efficiency of conventional medicines.

Spa Day

Your pet doesn't have to have a skin issue to take advantage of a Thera-Clean bath. Your pet may look good but there's only one way to be sure there's no bad bacteria, that causes skin issues, growing deep down inside the skin. So reward your pet with a day at the spa with a nice relaxing Thera-Clean bath all the while assuring yourself their skin is clean of dirt, debris, and bacteria.

Got Dry Skin?

Does your little fur baby have dry skin? Ask for Moisture Plus to be added to your Thera-Clean bath. It will give your pet the much needed moisture boost inside their pores replenishing essential oils the skin needs.

Make the difference in your pets skin health today, because CLEAN skin is HEALTHY skin!